‘Tis the season..

Posted in Recipes on May 15th, 2015


‘Tis the season to eat Rhubarb. There’s nothing more satisfying than devouring something you’ve pulled from the ground a few hours earlier. If you manage to get your hands on some fresh rhubarb, this is a quick and simple recipe so you can enjoy as soon as possible. Or, go to the greengrocer and grab some of Britain’s tastiest and most unique fruit.

There are so many possibilities with rhubarb; Jams, tarts, pies, or you could go down a more savoury route. I’ve chosen a very British, traditional crumble. Sunday afternoon perfection.



Rhubarb Crumble.

What you’ll need

• 500g Rhubarb
• 3 tbsp water. Use apple/orange juice if you prefer a sweeter crumble. Or port if you’d like a richer taste.
• 100g golden caster sugar
• 1tsp ground cinnamon
• 1tsp ground ginger
• 150g plain flour
• A couple of handfuls of oats
• 100g unsalted butter
• 80g Demerara sugar
• 40g caster sugar
• Walnuts optional.

What you’ll need to do

• Chop the rhubarb and cook off in a pan with the sugar and water until softened but not completely disintegrated. When soft enough, stir in the ginger and cinnamon.
• Combine the flour and butter until at a fine breadcrumb consistency. Add the oats and sugars and continue to work together. At this stage, if you like lumpier crumble then press hard and create bigger chunks to top the crumble. If you’d like nuts, add them either whole or chopped.
• Place the rhubarb mixture in dish and top with the crumble mixture.
• Sprinkle with Demerara sugar, cinnamon and ginger.
• Cook for 25 minutes at 180C, or until golden brown and the juices are bubbling.
• Serve hot with ice cream, custard or just enjoy alone.