About Phood

Phood was borne out of an obsession with what we put in our mouths and a passion for photography. A hub for all things food; sharing pictures, recipes and articles.

For as long as I can recall, food has been my one true love. I remember places and events by what I ate rather than what I was wearing or where I was. It’s an all-consuming love affair that defines every aspect of my life. Food is always on my mind.
I created Phood as a vehicle to combine my love of photography, cooking, styling and writing. 

All styling, photos and words are my own unless stated otherwise. Get in touch. I’m available for styling assisting, shooting, whatever you fancy. If there’s food, i’ll be there.


India Whiley-Morton is a food stylist/photographer/life long food obsessive. If you’d like to work together in any aspect of food, or photography, email hello@phood.london or call 07841997780.
To check out my other photography work go to; www.indiawhileymorton.com